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Three Tree Construction Co. is a Seattle-based builder specializing in unique and complex projects. We are a collection of hard-working craftsmen, creatives and collaborators aiming for perfect. 


Our satisfied clients include homeowners and industry professionals who desire material integrity, precise execution and reliable communication. 


Remodels, repairs, and structural upgrades


New homes and additions

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"When folks ask me why we chose TTCC for our project, I always come back to the same reason:  Attention to Detail. I really appreciated walking into this project with a detailed understanding of the project scope, schedule and budget. Any changes that needed to be made in those three  areas were always clearly communicated and discussed."

Maggie & Justin, Seattle

"TTCC is a very professional organization and this is reflected in their thorough work, methodical practices, attention to detail, safety, and site cleanliness. They are upfront in communications and their team and subcontractors held themselves to a high standard of work.  Any items of concern were quickly dealt with and addressed."

Holland, Ames Lake

Three Tree Construction, LLC

505 Broadway E #143, Seattle WA 98102     206.960.0336

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